Jess. 17. I live in the UK. I make way to many text posts about unimportant things that go through my mind. You will mainly see Supernatural on my blog however a sprinkling of these may be on offer: True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, American Horror Story, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games and of course Harry Potter.
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hold on to me♡

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when did homosexuality become wrong i mean in ancient rome they just had giant orgies and nobody thought twice about it

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okay so we know about jesus when he’s a baby, and jesus when he’s an adult, but does the bible ever mention his rebellious teenager years?

‘jesus, go feed the donkey.’

the ground shakes a little, and a voice comes down from the sky

‘do what your stepfather says you little shit’

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“You’d sell your brother for a dollar right now if you really needed a soda.”

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Passive aggressive notes are the best.

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*gets the urge to delete all my social network accounts, drop out of school and live in the woods*

you can’t just thoreau your life away like that


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Top 25 Ron/Hermione movie moments ↦ 13. ‘That’s my girlfriend, you numpty!’

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